Will’s is very pleased to be supplied by Hannaford, a 128 year old Maine company that knows what Maine people value.  Hannaford was purchased in 1999 by Delhaize, the 10th largest supermarket chain in the world with 2,600 stores on three continents. Delhaize has 1,600 stores located in the United States from Maine to Florida with names such as Hannaford, Food Lion, Bottom Dollar, Harvey’s, Bloom and Sweetbay.
The massive size of Delhaize gives them incredible buying power that in turn gives customers in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine everyday lower prices on the items they value most, saving you money and time chasing games and gimmicks.  Our partnership with Hannaford is good for everyone. Hannaford partners with the best growers, processors and shippers in the world. Their private label products are produced by the best growers and processors in North America.

What does Everyday Lower Prices mean?  Hannaford will lock in everyday prices for 8 to 11 weeks making it easy for you to trust our prices. As an example, Maxwell House coffee is $8.99 everyday at Will’s whereas you will see other supermarkets sell the same item for $12.99 daily and four or six times a year boldly advertise it at $7.99.  This is called high/low pricing.  If you purchase 20 units in a year at Will’s it would cost you $179.80 everyday. At a high/low supermarket you would pay $239.80 (assuming 16 at full price ($12.99) and four ($7.99) at the discount price). Bottom line, everyday low price could save you $60.00 on this one item alone in one year. Our goal is to save you money everyday.   To fully appreciate the power of everyday low pricing  (EDLP) come see our Comparison Cart at the store.
Since purchasing this store, we have added over 1,100 new items to our grocery selection based on your feedback.  We are able to find 90% of the items requested because we are supplied by the same warehouse that supplies the larger Hannaford Supermarkets in Maine. Basically, items seen at Hannaford stores in Bangor can be on your shelves in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. In addition, our prices are exactly the same as Bangor, Maine. We chose the same price zone as Bangor because we did not want any customer traveling to a Bangor Hannaford to find a better price.
We’re small in size, but large in desire to please you.

We have a comprehensive list of 169 Gluten Free labeled products in the store.  Ask us for the list to make your shopping trip easier.

Our new greeting card selection offers high quality, affordable cards for all occasions priced from $2.99 and up.

Come try our Little Lad’s popcorn made in Corinth, Maine.  All of our products made in Maine will have a special tag identifying them as “Local” meaning grown or processed in the state of Maine.
Will’s also reset the entire store to make your shopping experience easier and faster. We combined similar categories for you. For instance, we moved facial tissue to the same aisle where you’ll find cold ‘n cough medication. We moved snacks such as popcorn, peanuts, chips, and rice cakes to the same aisle as soda and moved water to the juice aisle.  These are just a few examples of how we are always striving to make your shopping experience more efficient.