Welcome to Will’s Shop’n Save

 Will’s Shop’n Save is centrally located in the beautiful Dover-Foxcroft community and is a full service grocery store offering Hannaford brand products. Open seven days a week, visit Will’s for all of your shopping needs and walk away with a shopping experience that we have branded in our reputation. Trust, reliability, freshness, variety and friendly and helpful associates who are eager to assist you with any questions you have.

Will’s Shop’n Save is your local grocer who offers healthy meal choices and everything you expect including good prices, great values, a clean store, well-stocked shelves and a whole lot more…Will’s is where you can always find the quality and variety of meats, produce and deli products you want and deserve.

We are confident you will be especially impressed with our produce variety, meat quality and deli service compared to other supermarkets. Will’s wants you to count on us to give good advice and helpfulness whenever you need it. A goal of ours is to make shopping so easy for you that you can get in and out of the store quickly.

You can trust us to pay attention to freshness, cleanliness and all elements of food safety.
Will’s commitment to the community is unsurpassed.

Will’s Shop ‘n Save has aided countless non-profits by raising thousands of dollars for those in need in Piscataquis County. Our commitment to community support is unwavering.
At Will’s Shop’n Save we have raised the bar to the highest level in terms of our commitment to our customers. Please review “Our Customer Goal Statement.”
“I am going to Will’s because I enjoy the associates, prices are a value, they don’t use gimmicks, the store is clean, the store supports community events, it is convenient, the produce and meat quality is the best, I can shop for the week or run in quickly and get a gallon of milk and most important, I trust Will’s Shop ‘n Save”.